Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

  • Are the services safe for my account?

    Absolutely! We're here to assure you that our services are tailored to adhere strictly to the platform's rules and guidelines. This means your account is in safe hands, free from any risk of flags or violations. Our focus is on keeping your social media accounts secure while ensuring they comply with all necessary standards.

  • Do I have to share my password to use the services?

    Not at all! With us, your password stays with you. Audience Raise strictly follows a no-password-required policy. We don't ask for any login details from our clients. Our top priority is keeping your accounts secure and your privacy intact. So, you can enjoy our services with total peace of mind, knowing your sensitive information like passwords remains private and safe.

  • Why does my account have to be set to public?

    In order for our system to deliver your Followers/Likes properly, your account must be set to public. However, if you still would like to keep your account private, there is a workaround. Set your account to public when registering and back to private after completion.

  • How quickly can we process your order?

    When you order live views from us, you won't have to wait long. We start delivering in just 10-15 minutes. This swift turnaround ensures your live content gets the immediate attention it deserves.
    If you're ordering likes, video views, or comments, expect your order to be completed within 24 hours, giving your content that immediate boost it needs.
    When it comes to high-quality followers, things might take a tad longer, especially for larger orders. Typically, you'll start seeing new followers within 24 hours, but if you've got a bigger order, it could take up to 3 days. Don't worry, though! This is just us making sure that everything's top-notch and your followers are as authentic as they come.

  • What payment methods do we accept?

    At Smm-Likes, we prioritize convenience and security for all transactions. We accept a wide range of payment methods including PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Ideal. This variety ensures that you can choose the most convenient option for you. Our payment gateway is encrypted and secure, ensuring that your financial information remains private and protected at all times. Should you have any questions about payment or encounter any issues during the checkout process, our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

  • Do we replenish lost followers?

    Yes, we do! Our commitment to you goes beyond just providing high-quality followers. We know that sometimes, follower counts can dip a little – it happens. But don't worry, we're on it. We offer a solid guarantee: any lost followers will be refilled automatically every 24 hours, at no extra cost to you, for a whole year. This way, you can relax knowing your follower count stays consistent, and your investment keeps paying off. Your success and satisfaction with our services are what we strive for every day.

  • What is the delivery time?

    We do our best to deliver the product within 24 hours. Bigger orders might take a bit longer. This has nothing to do with our server capabilities, but to ensure that the delivery is safe.

  • Can I cancel my order?

    As long as the order has not yet been processed, you can change or cancel the order. If you would like to change or cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible.

  • Will these subscribers and members engage with my content?

    While our primary goal is to increase your subscriber or member count, we strive to attract genuine users who are interested in your content. However, engagement levels can vary since we cannot control individual actions. We recommend complementing our services with engaging content and active community management to encourage interaction and participation.

  • How can I maximize the benefits of buying followers?

    To maximize the benefits, consistently post engaging, high-quality content and interact with your audience. Combining purchased followers with organic growth strategies can significantly enhance your profile's performance and engagement rates.

Instagram FAQ

  • Why does my account have to be set to public?

    In order for our system to deliver your Followers/Likes properly, your account must be set to public. However, if you still would like to keep your account private, there is a workaround. Set your account to public when registering and back to private after completion.

  • Will your service get my account banned? Can my account get flagged?

    By no means. We've been operating effectively and successfully within the Instagram terms of service and also have never had a user banned or flagged as a result of our promotion.

  • Do I have to follow back?

    Nope! Once you have ordered your followers, you have done your part. You don’t need to follow back. The one thing you really need to do is to publish amazing content for them to view and like!

  • Can I get automated likes to my new uploads?

    Yes, you may buy automated likes from us. Click here.

  • How to get Instagram Video Link?

    For likes order, please enter instagram video or picture links. Ex: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJI6o5cgZ6g/ or https://www.instagram.com/p/BPS25d4g-WH/?taken-by=username

    For views order, please only enter instagram video links. Ex: https://www.instagram.com/p/BJI6o5cgZ6g/ or https://www.instagram.com/p/BPS25d4g-WH/?taken-by=username

    Note: If you add pic links for views order, our system will do nothing for it.

    (1) Once you've logged into Instagram, find the photo or video that you'd like to copy a link for.
    (2) Once you've done that, you will find three dots to the bottom right of the image or video. Click on the 3 dots (...).
    (3) After clicking on that, a new menu will show up. In that menu you will have 4 options. Those options are the following as illustrated in the photo.

        Report Inappropriate
        Copy Share URL
    Be sure to click on "Copy Share URL".
    At this point you will have the URL for your image or video.

YouTube FAQ

  • How does your YouTube Likes Service work?

    Our YouTube Likes service helps strengthen your YouTube video’s credibility, popularity and encourages discussion on your video.
    Our Likes are added manually by our dedicated and knowledgeable YouTube team. This ensures that Likes will be positive.

  • Are YouTube Views HR (Real People) from Real People?

    Yes. Every YouTube Views HR (Real People) that you receive from our service is from a real person. We promote your video on either high-traffic websites or Social Media to deliver real views, from real people.
    Our services are completely compliant with YouTube's Terms and Conditions.

  • Are YouTube Subscribers Real?

    Yes, they are all real, however not all of them are active. We deliver both active and inactive YouTube Subscribers, so some of your subscribers may watch your videos every time you upload a new one, but many may not. The purpose of our subscriber service is to increase your perceived popularity to convince other YouTube users to subscribe. You're more likely to get more new subscribers organically if you already have a large subscription base.

  • Can my YouTube Video get removed?

    Very Unlikely. We acquire real views from a large network of partnered websites that display your video to their visitors, so our YouTube Views services does not violate any of YouTube's Terms and Conditions. Nonetheless, it is possible that your video may be removed, either due to it's content (if it violates YouTube’s TOS) or at YouTube's own discretion.

  • Does Your YouTube Views service support Adsense?

    No, we do not support Adsense with our YouTube Views service. There are very good reasons for this.
    Our main goal is to deliver views to your video as quickly and safely as possible. Adsense distracts from that goal and decreases our own Visitor-to-Viewer conversion rate, making our service slower and less effective. As such, our system hides any Ads on your video, from the viewers we send you. This can decrease your Ad statistics and can potentially cause other complications with Adsense, so we recommend you disable Adsense while our YouTube Views campaign is running.

  • What is the right info for youtube serivce?

    We provide many youtube service, such as youtube views, youtube likes and yotube subscribers. And more and more services will coming. If you don't find service you want, please contact us. We will add them asap for you.
    *For youtube views/likes, please only provide your youtube video. Ex:
    Youtube likes require you set "Users can view ratings for this video"(as 1 of the image) to make the likes number show on the video page.
    Youtube views require you must set Distribution option "Allow embedding"(as 2 of the image) and better set no Enable age restriction(as 3 of the image) for us to add views OK for you.
    1. Log in your youtube account and open open the link https://www.youtube.com/my_videos?o=U
    2. Edit the video and you will find the seting

    3. Save the setting.

    *For yotube subscribers, please only provide your youtube channel link. Ex:
    And you should set show your subscribers number on your channel. If you hide it, you need to make it show. Follow these steps:
    1. Log in your youtube account and open the link: https://www.youtube.com/advanced_settings
    2. Find Subscriber counts option and set as the image:

    3. Save the setting.

    If you think you have entered right info and our system still show you "Invalid Link", please don't hesitate to contact us. We will be appreciated to check it for you. Thanks!

SoundCloud FAQ

  • Why Should I Buy SoundCloud Plays?

    It's safe, reliable and highly cost-effective for promoting your music new fans. Benefits include improving social proof & credibility, gaining real plays (not bots) and exposure, and rapid growth. You may also gain more negotiating power, attract more clients or gigs, boost sales and attract more social media fans & followers.

  • Is buying plays safe?

    Absolutely! We only use safe and proven tactics to promote your tracks, and we never use any risky methods. Your account and track's safety is our #1 priority — We got your back.

  • Will others know I bought plays?

    Not at all. All plays delivered by Smm-Likes are from real people and gradually increase. These are not bots or fake plays, so there is never an issue here.

  • How many plays can you deliver?

    We can deliver unlimited plays to any track. There is no limit. From 5,000 to 50 Million, we'll get it done.

TikTok FAQ

  • Are TikTok Followers/Likes/Views from real people?

    Yes. We promote your account/video on either high-traffic websites or social media, resulting in real views from real people.

  • How does Likes work?

    Our Likes are manually added by our TikTok team. This ensures that Likes are positive.

  • Can I buy TikTok followers/likes/views more than once?

    Yes. There’s no limit to how many views/likes we can deliver, or how often. Want to boost a video with viral growth and follow it with two weeks or organic views? Go ahead, we can handle it.

  • Where are the Organic, Fast & Social options?

    We recently revamped our TikTok views and simplified it. Social Views is not an integrated part with all of our packages, and delivery speed options can be customized in the ordering process.

  • Can my video get removed?

    We deliver real views/likes and use safe techniques, so your video will never be removed or taken down due to our service.

Spotify FAQ

  • Are spotify service from real people?

    Yes. We promote your Track/Playlist on either high-traffic websites or social media, resulting in real plays from real people.

  • Will buying followers on Spotify help?

    Yes, it will help those who want to increase followers and want to increase traffic.

  • Why should I increase my playlist plays?

    Increasing playlist plays will help in making the playlist more popular and will help in earning royalties.

  • Why is buying Spotify saves helpful?

    Buying Spotify saves will help bring in more traffic naturally, which will eventually cause the account to go viral.

  • Can my track/playlist get removed?

    We deliver real plays/follwoers and use safe techniques, so your track/playlist will never be removed or taken down due to our service.

  • What to do to make sure the services are delivered?

    Kindly check the following:
    Make sure that the account is public.
    Make sure that the account is active.
    Make sure to provide the correct details.
    Make sure that the account is not authority restricted.

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